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dublin ranch golf course wedding

  • Enchanting Traditions and Endless Love: Shubhangi & Apekshit’s Magical Indian Wedding at Dublin Ranch Golf Course

    When love, vibrant traditions, and laughter come together against the backdrop of a sunny California day, magic ensues. At the picturesque Dublin Ranch Golf Course in Dublin, CA, a radiant Indian wedding unfolded, creating a tapestry of joy and beauty. 

    The wedding ceremony was a fusion of traditional rituals and modern elements. The couple, dressed in resplendent traditional attire, embarked on their journey of matrimony under a beautifully adorned mandap. As the priest chanted sacred verses, family and friends surrounded the couple, showering them with blessings and well wishes. 

    Shubhangi & Apekshit’s wedding was a testament to the beauty of cultural celebrations and the power of love. It was an beautiful event where traditions, fun, and laughter converged to create a truly unforgettable experience. 

    Venue: Dublin Ranch Golf Course, Dublin, CA 

    Make up: @sugarglam_muah

    Photo & Video: @ranjith.studios